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One of a kind musical ‘Book of Love’ wows masses

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LAHORE: An hour-long musical play titled Book of Love was presented by Maas Foundation in Lahore on Thursday, entertaining masses at Alhamra Hall. The new theatrical performance was the first of this year and had audiences from all around the nation come and watch the show.

Book of Love revolved around the numerous issues within Pakistan society. It shows how many people today lose sense of what matters and end up neglecting parents and children alike due to their busy lives.

“The show was aimed mainly at youngsters as it portrayed a love story between a teenage boy and girl, highlighting social problems,” production in-charge Kashif Nazir told The Express Tribune. “The theme was unique and we put a lot of effort into making sure everything was done right – especially the music, lighting and acting. All artitsts put in a lot of hard work during rehearsals.”

Book of Love was particularly interesting as it had no dialogues whatsoever. The story was shown via songs and dances only, which kept the audience engaged. Everyone appreciated the efforts of the team, filling the room with applause.

Maas Foundation had held many promotional campaigns for the play. It was a classic boy-meets-girl tale showcasing a couple’s journey of love, family and parenthood through a child’s perspective. The play’s director, also the president of the Maas Foundation, Aamir Nawaz shared his vision for the show. He believes that the time to be presenting unique plays like Book of Love is now as they appeal to more viewers and negate language barriers.

Book of Love is one of a kind. We had many doubts during the development process, thinking that maybe experimenting with of non verbal play won’t work for Pakistani audiences so I am pleasantly surprised with the amazing response we have received,” Nawaz expressed. The director he is now motivated to produce more plays like this.

“Maas Foundation will take this play to Colombo, Sri Lanka, next to participate in an international festival there. We also have plans to present Book of Love at various local drama festivals within Pakistan.”

Maas Foundation was established in 2003 and has produced 21 theatre plays and more than 300 theatre shows during its 15-year run. The team has performed all around the world including India, Sri Lanka, China, South Korea and Nepal. “The organisation is a platform for all theatre lovers wanting to do something for children and young adults, with a creative approach,” stated Nawaz.

Book of Love featured actors such as Eshah Shakeel, Gulshan Majeed and Hassan Raza. The music was composed by Imran Nawaz.

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