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Role of media

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Apropos ‘Imran defends ISI, criticises role of media’ carried by Business Recorder on Saturday, the PTI chief seems to have stepped up pressure on the TV channel. On Friday, for example, he demanded that that TV channel should apologise to the Pakistani nation for its “baseless” allegations and “media vilification” of the Pakistan Army and ISI at a time when Pakistan is confronting security threats and terrorism from within the country and externally.

His remarks on this issue make a greater sense because all state institutions are required to function within the law and constitution. He has raised a key question on how media houses could launch campaigns against any institution without adopting the legal route of providing proof and approaching the courts.

But the situation underscores the need for cooling down temperature. The stance taken by the representative body of print media – All Pakistan Newspapers Society (APNS) – seems to be the result of highly objective analysis of the situation. The country has a vibrant media landscape and enjoys independence to a large extent. It reflects a multi-linguistic, multi-ethnic and class-driven society. Country’s media has won freedom of press after rendering a lot of sacrifices. The arrival of satellite television in Pakistan has made it more stronger. Hence the need for protecting and preserving this independence by fully adhering to rule of law and constitutionalism.

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