Promoting Democratic Governance through Effective use of Media Project Grant Agreement No. between National Endowment for Democracy and Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF) | Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF)

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Promoting Democratic Governance through Effective use of Media Project Grant Agreement No. between National Endowment for Democracy and Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF)

Brief Summary of the Project:

The National Endowment for Democracy supported, Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF) to support the Rural Media and capacity building of CSOs under Democratic Governance Project for the period covering July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013.

Project Objectives:

• To build the capacity of civil society organizations to work with the media to promote democracy and human rights.
• To raise awareness about democracy and human rights among rural journalists.
• To develop the capacity of radio stations and press clubs to produce radio news reports and bulletins.

Project Activities with outcomes:

• One, 3-day workshop held Rawalakot (AJK) during first quarter that was attended by 11 females among 26 representatives of CSOs/NGOs.
• Awareness about Human Rights enhanced.
• Knowledge increased on working with media.
• Capacities build to prepare press release, organizing Press conference and arranging Interviews.
Sélection of district Focal Persons

Local Coordinators were selected from target districts to organise workshops with Journalists and CSOs. They were contacted through email and phone. PPF has strong linkages with rural Journalists, Press Clubs and civil society organisation (CSOs). Local Coordinators showed their great interest in working with PPF ; therefore they were selected.

They not only organized workshops but invited local learned persons as speakers and elected representatives, government officials and Ministers were invited to award certificates among participants.

District Coordinator Meetings:

PPF organized two one-day meetings of staff as well as of district and network coordinators to review the experiences of previous project and prepare the programme for next project activities. The successes of the project were shared and discussed.


PPF prepared two types of comprehensive modules for trainings i.e. one for CSOs titled “Working with Media on Human Rights” and another for Journalists was “Human Rights and the Role of Media”. The module included group activities, lectures and panel discussions.
Training Workshops

PPF organized one, 3-day training workshop with the representatives of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), during first quarter July-September, 2012 to build their capacity in “working with media on Human Rights”. The workshop was held from 6-8 September, 2012 at Hotel Hill Top Rawalakot, district Punch of AJK. The workshop was participated by 11 females and 26 representatives of CSOs.
Evaluation Report of support from NED

PPF has been producing ten news bulletins daily and one feature weekly. News bulletins and feature were being broadcast on over 32 radio stations in all parts of the country and AJK as well. As per that calculation one in every five radio stations in the country has been broadcasting the news bulletins.
PPF Islamabad radio studio has been actively working. During first quarter a three day workshop supported by FFF for radio professionals and representatives of CSOs was held in the PPF training center. Nine females among 18 participants used PPF radio studios for preparing their 18 News packages and 4 Current Affairs Programs.

PPF has been closely working with fm radio stations and radio professionals as well and had built a strong Network. The network has been doing as follows:-

• Developing the capacity of Pakistan Press International (PPI) news agency to produce and distribute news, features and current affairs programme.
• Developing the capacity of partner radio stations to produce local news bulletins.
• Provide training opportunities to personnel of partner radio stations.

PPF has been in the forefront in the promotion of freedom of the press in Pakistan. PPF monitors and documents attacks on media on an ongoing basis and disseminates information on state of press freedom to national and international media organizations. It also trains journalists on monitoring and reporting on press freedom of expression violations. PPF also provides support to journalists who have been victims of press freedom violations.

Media Coverage:

The news items of workshops were published in more than six leading and local newspapers; while radio fm VoK broadcast the news of workshop as well. The news was released on PPF website and at other websites as well.


There were no major challenges that had affected the project but there were no female journalists in targeted rural districts; while in one district female journalist participated and total 30 female representatives of CSOs attended those workshops. Inspite of law and order situation in few targeted districts, PPF organized workshops due to its strong contacts with local journalists and CSOs.

Success Story:

PPF organized a 3-day workshop at Rawalakot, AJK. The workshop was attended by 11 females and it was itself a success because in such remote areas limited number of women is found participating in such activities but due to PPF’s strong linkages with CSOs and media, they make it. One of the participants Ms. Salma Tariq wrote first time a press release for media.

She told that she had been working with development sector since five years but she could not make news or press release for media and during workshop she learnt to write good news and press release for media.