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Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF) In Collaboration with NED Report of Workshop with CSOs on “Working with Media on Human Rights”

September 6-8 2012


Media has been playing its pro active role in highlighting Human Rights and exposing human rights violations and people have been getting relief followed by media reports. The Constitution of Pakistan guarantees the rights of religious minorities but there is contradiction in it as well because on the one side it guarantees equal rights but on the other hand it bans non-Muslims to be the president of the Country.

This was observed by the participants and speakers of a 3-day workshop titled “Working with Media on Human Rights” organized by Pakistan Press Foundation from September 6-8, 2012 at Hill Top Hotel, Rawalakot, Azad Jammu Kashmir. The workshop was attended by 11 females among 26 representatives of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) of District Poonch.

They said media has been spreading awareness among masses on Human Rights and other day today issues but it should more focus on Human Rights education as to provide Justice to the affected people.
Pakistan should implement all universal declarations and conventions like Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) and Convention on the Rights of Child (CRC) in its letter and spirit as it’s the signatory of those conventions and has ratify as well.

Participants said Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) should work in liaison with Media to strengthen Democracy and to run campaigns against human rights violations. NGOs and CBOs should run awareness campaigns about fundamental rights enshrined in constitution of Pakistan as people should know about their basic rights.

Speakers appreciated the role of parliament by passing 18th constitutional amendment unanimously, specially declaring education as compulsory and free. They also lauded the inclusion of right to access to information in the constitution but blamed provincial government over not introducing Laws about free education and access to information.

Participants said Media and NGOs should openly oppose the dictatorial steps of both military and political government; while focusing on the destruction caused by Martial Laws in Pakistan. Political process should continue at any cost and there should not be any excuse to roll back democracy.
They said Media and CSOs should expose corruption in more vibrant manner, which would promote transparency in all institutions; while media and NGOs should play their role as a bridge between people and government.

Mr. Abid Hussain Abid, Chairman Public Accounts Committee and member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) AJK while addressing as a chief guest of concluding ceremony said media had been played great role by keeping people much aware about various issues. He said Laws were not being implemented due to less awareness among masses. He appreciated the role of PPF on conducting such workshops on Human Rights and the role of media.

Two panel discussions titled Human Rights issues & the role of media & CSOs and role of Media in high lighting Human Rights issues were addressed by Sardar Shamshad Advocate, Chief Editor Daily Dharti Mr. Abid Siddiq, Sardar Farooq Advocate, Sardar Muhammad Khalid Zia, Sardar Nazar Muhammad Khan and others.
Group activities like discussion on UDHR, Fundamental Rights chapter in the Constitution of Pakistan 1973, writing news, issuing Press release, use of photo graphs and organizing Press Conference and Interviews. Practical exercise of writing News, Press release and groups work were conducted during three day workshop.

Later, Certificates were awarded among participants by Mr. Abid Hussain Abid, Chairman Public Accounts Committee and Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) AJK

List of Participants

Name of Participant
1. Ms. Uzma Mumtaz
2. Ms. Saima Shafi
3. Ms. Khunsa Nazir
4. Ms. Shamim Arif
5. Rashid Bukhari
6. Imran Ayub
7. Ms. Salma Tariq
8. Syed Farooq Karim
9. Ms. Nargis Farooq
10. Ms. Najma Khadim
11. Haris Qadeer
12. Ahsan Abbas
13. Shaheen Iqbal
14. Muhammad Shahzad Khan
15. Ms. Khadija Mazar
16. Ms. Asma Rasheed
17. Ms. Fariza Bano
18. Muhammad Khursheed Baig
19. Ms. Azra Feroze
20. Muhammad Umar Jabbari
21. Kosar Rahim
22. Iqra Mohammad
23. M. Ashraf Qazi
24. Sadar Farooq Karim
25. Muhammad Ejaz Khan
26. Ms. Zohra Khan
27. Sohail Khan
28. Khursheed Baig