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PPP Human Rights Cell demands constitution of NCHR

Pakistan Press Foundation

Islamabad: Pakistan Peoples Party Human Right Cell has demanded of the government to constitute the National Commission for Human Rights without delay as required by the law.

PPP HR Cell in a resolution expressed concerns in the delay of formation of NCHR particularly delay in appointment of its Chairperson. The text of the resolution is as follows:-

“We the undersigned office bearers of the PPP Human Rights cell are strongly concerned at the delay in the formation of the National Commission on Human Rights particularly the delay in the appointment of its Chairperson.

“The National Commission for Human Rights Act 2012 was passed in the last government but despite nearly two years, the Commission is not yet constituted.

“We demand that the government fulfill its legal obligation to constitute the NCHR especially in the perspective of serious human rights violations that have occurred recently.

“We particularly condemn the mob torching of the Dharmashala in Larkana, the gross police role in a teenage rape victim setting herself ablaze in Muzaffgarh, and the state violence on the nurses in Lahore and are disappointed that there is no national body that would respond to these human rights violations. “These violations are of serious nature and require a full time National Human Rights Commission that takes note, and acts against these serious violations of fundamental rights.

“The meeting also noted that the Protection of Pakistan Ordinance would involve serious violations of peoples rights as enshrined in the constitution and that the law must only be enacted after a consensus is made in the parliament.” The PPP Human Rights Cell meeting was attended by Central Coordinator Dr Nafisa Shah, Secretary General Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar (ICT), Yasmeen Rehman, Shazia Tehmas, Shahjahan Sarfraz, Rubina Qaimkhani, Imran Nadeem Shigri, Shah Fahad, Chaudhry Ilyas and Provincial Coordinators Fateh Mohammad Hasni Balochistan, Asma Arbab Alamgir Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sadiq Memon Sindh, Asif Khan Punjab, Coordinator AJK Raja Mubashir, Coordinator FATA Akhundzada Chatan, Coordinator GB Sadia Danish.

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