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‘Local governments can help combat human rights violations’

Pakistan Press Foundation

LAHOREPunjab Human Rights and Minorities (HR&MA) Minister Ejaz Alam has said people could be protection across the province with the help of the Local Government Department.

Addressing newly-elected representatives at the Local Government Academy in Lala Musa on Tuesday, the minister said the local governments, in collaboration with the Human Rights Department, could provide better health, education and basic facilities.

He underlined that local problems and issues could be resolved easily under this government system.

“The Punjab government is also making a comprehensive policy to protect human rights,” he said.

The minister also went to Gujranwala where he met with parents of Faraz Maseeh and condoled over the death of the latter. He expressed his sympathies with the bereaved family and assured them that the Punjab government would provide full support to ensure prompt justice through the `court.

Maseeh’s parents told the minister that he worked as a ward boy at a private hospital. One day, he was coming back from work, along with his friend Hassan Bilal, on a motorcycle. That was when two motorcyclists threw acid on them and fled the scene. Both victims were badly injured and admitted to a local hospital. Later, the injured were referred to Lahore in critical condition. Maseeh died ultimately died, while Bilal was still fighting for his life.

The minister assured the aggrieved family that justice would be served at all costs. He said he would look into the matter personally till the point that justice is served.

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