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Police chiefs in Punjab told to learn how to operate IT systems

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RAWALPINDI: The inspector general of police (IGP) Punjab has given senior police officers two weeks to learn how to operate the 17 IT software programs introduced in the police department to improve service delivery.

In a directive to all divisional and district police officers, the IGP expressed concern over the lack of interest by senior police officials in improving service delivery by using IT systems and asked them to make themselves familiar with the IT systems installed in the police department or their commanding positions will be taken from them.

Speaking during a meeting on crime and new IT systems introduced to improve service delivery on Thursday, the IGP said districts were not using the IT systems, especially the police record management system and the complaint management system.

He said that since regional, city and district police officers are not familiar with these systems, they will not be well used.

The IGP said a practical test on the IT systems will be conducted in two weeks and made it clear that any divisional or district police chief who does not know how to operate the systems will be removed from their post.

The systems installed include the Human Resource Management System, Police Record Management System, CRO Automation, Crime Mapping, Criminal Record Management System, Driving License Management System, Anti-Vehicle Lifting System, Digital Beat Book, Integrated Khidmat Markaz and Khidmat Centres, Automated Complaint Management System, Front Desk, Police Financial Management and Monitoring System, Police Procurement and Inventory Management System and Resource Management Centres.