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PEMRA issues notice to ABB TAKK News for blackmailing and indecent content

Pakistan Press Foundation

PEMRA has issued a notice to Pakistani private news channel Abb Takk for shamelessly promoting indecent content and blackmailing small businesses for funding their media channel.

Abb Takk published a fake report claiming that two senior political figures, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Principal Secretary Azam Khan, were involved in a heated argument.

The channel claimed that FM Qureshi and Principal Secretary Azam Khan had traded blows during their verbal spat, with FM Qureshi slapping Azam Khan.

Abb Tak has received major repercussions across the board for its negligent behavior. Senior government officials were swift to express their thoughts on the matter on social media platforms.

Dr. Shahbaz Gill, Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Political Communication, tweeted about the fake news report released by Abb Takk, and called it “a bunch of blatant lies”.

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has also issued a show-cause notice to Abb Takk for the fake report.

“The news was broadcast without any confirmation or review from the concerned government offices and was fake news, as evidenced by the denial issued by the government spokesperson,” PEMRA remarks.

The reason for promoting the fake report is crystal clear as Abb Takk is being funded by the neighboring country India. While looking at its logo, anyone can find the similarities between the Indian news channel Aaj Tak and Abb Takk.

The design, colors, and shape used for both the channels’ logos are the same. Not only this, the program formats of both the channels, operating in different countries are alike.

Apart from promoting indecent and fake content, Abb Takk is also involved in blackmailing small businesses.

Abb Takk News records fake news about several small businesses and blackmails their victims into funding their media channel to prevent the news from going viral.

Their truth comes in front of the world after several business owners have raised their voices in unison against Abb Takk, who were being blackmailed by the channel.

For creating a mockery of the divine institution of journalism, PEMRA has issued a notice to Abb Takk.

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