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Parliament must take up EC reforms: Ansar

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ISLAMABAD: Editor Investigations The News Answering a question, Ansar Abbasi said if Imran Khan says the Election Commission is not independent, then he personally thinks it should be reformed; however, this can be done through parliament and Imran Khan himself being a member of the NA is present in parliament.

Ansar Abbasi said PTI was the third largest party in the assembly, so it should take up the issue (of reforms) in the EC. After one year of the election no political party, including the PML-N, PTI and PPP, had taken up the issue of reforms in the Election Commission.

Abbasi challenged Khan to prove his allegations against the Jang Group. The group has already said that if he proved Geo guilty we will close it.

He also offered the PTI to form a commission to probe allegations against Jang/Geo.

However, the party does not seem serious about doing this, so I suggest the government to make a commission headed by an honorable judge for the purpose.

Asked how they would accept the government made commission as Imran Khan accuses PML-N-Geo underhand deal, Abbasi replied the government may refer the case to the CJP and he should form a commission to probe the issue to reach facts. Abbasi said he had already proposed one-man commission under the Justice Wajihuddin to decide the case and we will accept the findings of the commission.

To a question that Imran Khan today also leveled allegations against Geo and waved some documents in his hand and when he was questioned about the allegation he was annoyed, Ansar Abbasi said Imran Khan himself was not clear about his allegations.

First he alleged that Geo

was involved in rigging and then he accused Geo of getting foreign funds. I also demand inquiry into the source of funding to Geo.

To another question, Ansar Abbasi said someone was poisoning Imran Khan’s ears against him and Geo.

Talking about peace talks with the Taliban, Ansar Abbasi said he was part of the Jang Group that met with Justice Taqi Usmani some four five months back asking him to wage peace process with the Taliban.

You can confirm it from Justice Usmani whether Ansar Abbasi along with Shah Rukh Hasan had met him for the purpose.

Ansar continued that he and Shah Rukh Hasan also met the prime minister in this regard and even Shah Rukh Hasan also met with the military secretary to urge them to make the peace process a success.

We were against the military operation option against the Taliban to prevent bloodshed and further collateral damages.

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