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Pakistan Television (PTV) launches Channel-3 transmission tomorrow

ISLAMABAD- Pakistan’s media horizon is opening up for another television channel as PTV gears to launch its channel 3 transmission.

The daily six and a half hours transmission from 5 pm to 11.30 pm will feature dramas, music, films, sports, kids programmes and live public service programmes.

Minister for Information and Media Development Javed Jabbar on this occasion said, “the concept of channel 3 is meant to give greater prominence to provincial and regional languages and to the interests and concerns of people who live outside the major cities of Pakistan but who deserve to have their concerns represented on their television screens.” “The abundant talent and versatility of skills that we have in Pakistan in production, drama, entertainment and documentary programmes will find new avenues to expression as the country moves towards a new competitive era of independent and private radio and television channels,” Jabbar added.

Jabbar said, Pakistan is a great kaleidoscope representing a very rich tapestry of cultures, languages, and life styles within the unity of Pakistan and even with two television channels PTV is not able to fully reflect that diversity. A large chunk of the prime time will be allocated to children’s programme which will be both entertaining and informative.

Channel 3 aims to reflect the views of its audience, therefore one of the most important features of the transmission is a 45 minute live public service programme. The programme will invite questions and comments from its viewers. It will also air public grievances about government organisations and public service agencies.

The new channel is being launched at a time when the country’s media experts and the government have a realisation that information infrastructure in the country has a narrow base.

Pakistan ranks 135th among 175 countries of the world in terms of media accessibility to its people, barring those few who can afford dish antennas majority of the people depend on PTV for news and entertainment.

The new channel with its coverage of more than 40 per cent of the country’s population will not only provide quality entertainment to the people but will also give viewers a greater choice of TV channels in the country.

PTV programmes in America in second week of September

Pakistan Television will start beaming its programmes in North America through a new satellite channel from the second week of September.

Information Minister Javed Jabbar, who is in the US as part of Pakistani delegation to the UN General Assembly Millennium Summit, will launch formally the satellite-based channel, known as Prime TV. The channel will telecast a wide range of programmes on daily basis from PTV through a commercial arrangements.

The Prime TV started beaming PTV programmes from the UK early this summer with a tremendous feedback from millions of Pakistanis settled in Europe.

Officials say the national television channel coverage of North America will meet the long-cherished desire of the large Pakistani community in the US and Canada to have a first-hand glimpse of what goes on backhome.

Source: The Nation