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Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF) In Collaboration with NED Report of Workshop with Journalists and CSOs on “Current Political Scenario and the role of Media”

June 27-29-2012

Media can promote religious harmony by giving due coverage to all religious activities and dialogue between the scholars of different religions existing in Pakistan. The assassination of former governor Punjab Mr. Salman Taseer was the result of misreporting of some sections of TV channels.

This was observed by the participants of 3-day workshop on “Current Political Scenario and the role of Media” organized by Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF) from June 27-29, 2012 at Charsaddah district of KPK. The workshop was participated by 3 females among 24 representatives of Media and Civil Society Organizations.

They said once a threatening letter was received by Christian Scholars and Christians allegedly sent by Taliban to leave the area and it was reported by Media without verification but afterwards Muslim and Christian religious leaders probed it and that letter was written by a Student just for the sake of fun. Media should verify first and then news should be published as to avoid religious hatred or threat to any particular religion or group.

They said militant groups were not following basic Islamic teaching of peace and harmony and Quran very clearly says “Killing one person is as killing the whole humanity”.

Participants said one person Terry Jones was involved in desecration of Holy Quran, that was condemnable act but due the protest against the incident here in Charsaddah, a woman died on way to Hospital for delivery as road was blocked by the protesters.

Speakers said oppressed sections of the society were receiving justice followed by media reports and it was the media which played historical role in the restoration of Judiciary in Pakistan.

They said some sections of media and few anchors had compromised impartiality and media ethics for their personal likes and dislikes and benefits. Media should unbiased and impartial.

Provincial Law Minister KPK, Barrister Arshad Abdullah while addressing concluding ceremony said that media had asserted as fourth pillar of the State and it had its own importance in each era. Media have been very effectively raising voice of the poor people. The trust of people in Media demands more sensitivity and responsibility on the part of media. Media should not be partisan and should represent all aspect of the story. He appreciated the role of PPF for efforts to build the capacity of working Journalists. He said KPK government believed in freedom of Press and that’s why they had been releasing funds for press clubs.

Later, chief guest Mr. Barrister Arshad Abdullah awarded certificates among participants.

Group activities were carried during three day workshop on “Current Political Scenario and the role of print media, TV channels and Radio; while participants submitted suggestions on how media, political parties and CSOs can play more effective role in current political scenario.

Report by:
PPF Training Section

Participants List:

S.No Name Org/Affiliation
1. Qaiser Mehmood Roznama Charsadda
2. Ms. Tehmina Bacha Khan School Charsadda
3. Khalid Mansoor Tangi Union of Journalists
4. Mukhtar Alam
5. Ms. Saqa Mehmood BKS CHO
6. Shaheryar Shah FM 93 Radio Dilber
7. Alif Khan Sherpao Radio Dilber and Dunya TV
8. Ms. Aqila Govt. Girls Middle School
9. Mohammad Ismaeel Roznama Peshawar Link
10. Fazal Wahab Roznama Surkhab/News Mart
11. Riyaz ul Haque Dunia TV Charsadda
12. Ejaz Khalid Samaa TV
13. Ibad Ullah Campus Radio
14. Anwar Gul Samaa TV
15. Saif ul Islam Inter Media
16. Waheed ur Rehman Pyam-e- Khayber/Charsadda News
17. Ejaz Ahmed Tangi Union of Journalists
18. Zahid Iqbal Radio Dilber Charsadda
19. Zahoor Ahmed Zareef Spark C R C Charsadda
20. Fiyaz Missal Radio Dilber
21. Zahid Ullah Khan Khyber News TV
22. Faiq Nawaz FM 101
23. Kamran Ali Shah Radio Aman FM
24. Kazim Khan Charsadda News

Facilitator: Naveed Akram
Focal Person: Shaheryar Shah