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New trends of art displayed

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ISLAMABAD: An exhibition featuring 16 new artworks by Saima Ali and Syed Ali Karimi opened at Khaas Art Gallery here on Tuesday.

Both the artists have graduated from National College of Arts, Lahore. A total 16 works are on display at the exhibition titled “Kit and Kaboodle.”

The works by Saima Ali, a miniature artist and Assistant Professor at National College of Arts (NCA), Rawalpindi, at display are all interconnected describing a single story that starts from the end. It’s about a period of transition, a time of loss and ultimately about life and death.

In each piece of her series of works perky and flat colours have been used in accordance with the theme. Instead of humans, she has used chairs as symbols of showing personal space in her works. Her series is a merchandise of creativity as hundreds of images with the backs of chairs have been collected over a period of time to produce the works.

For the first time she has mixed collage with other mediums. Her series is a mixture of different mediums like water colours, gouache, collage on wasli and on paper, photographs on wasli and tea on wasli. Ali Karimi, a Karachi based artist, is a new voice calling to be heard. Contemporary artists communicate their messages by considering both what marks their pictures are made of and what the picture is of. His drawings of graphite on paper grab attention as he chooses to create marks with space surrounding them as well as supporting them.

In a couple of his untitled works of male and female figures, naturally standing dual in plain black and white, reflected double taste of painting in sculptural posture. It exhibited the figural symmetry as well as the competitive grappling inside and out of two bodies.

As much as it displayed worldly dimensions of two physical bodies mirroring each other as it transformed the sense of heavenly creatures frozen in time amidst a spell. It was sense of scan and search of duple souls in the framework of tangible bodies. It reminded the gathering of the merrymaking Olympian gods.

Ethical improvisations emanate from the concept that stretches back to the time immemorial to the instance. This duel is ever since and everlasting. Well, the notion of painting woman in black in both pieces of arts is yet to be explained by the artist. The lines and space in his works have a tight reciprocal relationship and are both highly skilled and evocative.

Alia Bilgrami, Curator Khaas Art Gallery, said that Karimi’s work is drawing based figurative and is done very skillfully. Saima Ali has used collage in her works that has added new facets to it.

The exhibition continues through 2 June from 11:30 am to 6:30pm except Sundays.

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