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New laws to target social media hate speech

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The government has decided to strictly deal with hateful content, hate speech and extremism
proliferating on social media, with more effective implementation of the new laws.
Chairing the National Action Plan (NAP) Coordination Committee meeting at the National
Counter Terrorism Authority Pakistan (NACTA) headquarters in Islamabad, Caretaker Interior
Minister Sarfraz Bugti outlined a comprehensive strategy to combat the issues
During the meeting, it was firmly decided that the government would not engage in any
negotiations with terrorists. The NAP meeting was attended by interior secretary, NACTA’s
national coordinator, the provincial inspector generals (IGs) of police, chief secretaries and top
officials of the intelligence agencies.
The committee reviewed the implementation of NAP after all the IGs gave briefings on the
progress of NAP. “Strict legal action will be taken against those who spread hate speech and
content through social media,” Bugti said, adding: “Implementation of new laws will be made
effective in this regard.” He vowed to eradicate terrorism and eliminate drug trafficking.

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NAP was conceived in response to the tragic attack on the Army Public School in Peshawar on
December 16, 2014. One of its pivotal 20-point agenda items was the commitment to taking
decisive measures against literature, newspapers, and magazines that propagated hatred,
extremism, sectarianism, and intolerance.
The emergence of challenges such as the dissemination of hate and disinformation online,
coupled with the propagation of sectarianism through social media platforms, became
increasingly apparent in the last decade.
These issues drew the focused attention of NAP, prompting a concerted effort to address them
comprehensively. Despite the enactment of laws by successive governments, the misuse of social
media persists in Pakistan.
The interior minister asserted a resolute commitment to eradicating terrorism, emphasizing that
terrorists would be eliminated without compromise. Furthermore, the government firmly
reiterated its stance on deporting all illegal aliens from the country, with the interior minister
stating unequivocally, "There will be no negotiations with terrorists; terrorists will be eliminated
at any cost."
Besides, according to an official statement released after the meeting, the committee also decided
to conduct effective operations against separatist terrorist groups in Balochistan. The meeting
resolved to provide complete security to the people and complete all the development projects.
During the meeting, the interior minister was also briefed about strict measures being taken to
stop the financial support to terrorists. The minister was informed that all financial institutions,
banks and law-enforcement agencies were playing their part in it.
The meeting was further informed that strict action was being taken against smugglers.
While directing the committee to take extra measures to prevent drug trafficking, Bugti said that
strict action should also be taken against the drug dealers to discourage drug abuse among the
“Lasting peace should be established in the country by eradicating terrorism completely,” Bugti
told the participants while expressing satisfaction with the progress of implementation of the
NAP. The minister emphasised that full protection would be provided to investors and traders.
Emphasising the need for bringing transparency to financial transactions, Bugti stated that
donations to the proscribed organisations and the persons included in the Fourth Schedule were
banned. “The people should donate charity only to the approved organizations,” he said.
Bugti said that anti-terrorism agencies were being strengthened, especially in Balochistan and
Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P). He added that law-enforcement personnel were being provided
resources as well as trainings. “The federal government will fully support all the provinces in this

The minister vowed to start more development projects in the merged districts of K-P, promising
that industrialists and workers would be protected there. He assured that law enforcement
personnel would be provided ample resources to counter any threats and challenges.
“They will be given advanced training so that they can win against terrorism,” Bugti said,
revealing that the police were being given modern weapons and training for effective action
against dacoits in the riverine areas of Sindh and Punjab. “The Katcha areas will be made
peaceful,” he said.
Among other things, Bugti reiterated that illegal immigrants would be deported and legal action
would be taken against the aliens. The committee decided that the present campaign against the
aliens would continue and the implementation of the laws will be ensured.
Bugti acknowledged the sacrifices of the police, army and other law-enforcement officers, saying
the country had peace and prosperity because of their sacrifices. “The sacrifices of the martyrs
will not go to waste,” Bugti said.

Source: Express Tribune

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