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Mukhtaran Mai complains of false propaganda against her

MULTAN, April 14 2005: Mukhtaran Bibi, victim of Meerwala gang rape, has said that woman is not dumb a animal. She is entitled to equal rights, honour, and respect in the society, and people who were subjecting women to violence, sexual harassment or degradation would be accountable, she said, and added that she would now wage a crusade against such elements.

Addressing a press conference in HRCP office on Tuesday evening, she said that an organised propaganda and mud slinging drive was being launched against her and her family and allegation of embezzlement of funds is being levelled against them.

She said she had served a defamation notice on an Urdu daily ‘Ausaf’ which had called her a ‘whore’, and its resident editor has threatened her counsel, on phone, of dire consequences.

She appealed to President, Prime Minister, and Information Minister to take action against such newspapers which were doing ‘yellow’ journalism and harassing other women and girls also.

She said that she had filed appeal in Supreme Court against the Judgement of High Court Multan Bench while some elements had filed contempt of court petition against her and her supporters. Some elements were trying to influence the proceedings of the Court by presenting fabricated and concocted stories before the general public.

She alleged that feudal lords, waderas and other influential elements were backing these elements to maintain their tyrannical system in the rural areas.

Mukhtaran Bibi said that she is a farm worker and her modesty was outraged by the Mastois. Now she has nothing to lose.

Omar Wadda , former husband of Mukhtaran Mai, told newsmen that he had divorced her 15 years ago and thereafter he hand no links with her. But a newspaper published his statement against Mukhtaran Mai which was baseless and false, and added that he would go to the court of law against it.
Source: Business Recorder