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Media enjoys full freedom’

KARACHI, May 23, 2005: The Prime Minister, Shaukat Aziz, on May 22 said press freedom in the country had reached such a level that the process couldn’t be reversed. “We are proud to say that such a level of press freedom was never allowed in the country before. This credit goes to the present government. In my view, it is irreversible. It will be very difficult for anybody to reverse this trend,” he observed.

He was talking to the editors of Sindhi newspapers and electronic media at Governor’s House. Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ibad, Chief Minister Dr Arbab Ghulam Rahim, Information Minister Sheikh Rashid, and others were present there.

“Do feel proud of being Pakistanis, do criticise, as nobody is perfect. But, also project positive things and the reality,” Mr Aziz advised.He said the regional press had an important role to play in nation-building, as it could mould public opinion.

Further talking about the role of the press, he said it was to present the real picture and present different situations and opinions. “It should criticise and give its own opinion on various issues,” he noted.

“As a nation we have to gather the courage to celebrate our successes and criticise our failures. This is a role of a good society.” He suggested creating a sense of balance in the news. “A reader must get a realistic picture of the situation after reading the newspaper. This is the role of a good and responsible press,” Mr Aziz said.

Referring to the electronic media, he said the dynamics of TV channels had changed. “The concept of breaking news has prompted a race against time among TV channels. However, it is the duty of the editor to double check the facts in a news piece.”

He suggested editors not be used by elements for their vested interest of spreading unauthentic stories from their drawing rooms.
Source: Dawn