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KU organises beach-cleaning drive

Pakistan Press Foundation

The Marine Reference Collection and Resource Centre of Karachi University (KU) in collaboration with the Higher Education Commission (HEC) has organised a cleanliness drive on December 16 at the Paradise Point beach.

The drive has been organised under the HEC’s Social Integration Outreach Program. The principal investigator of the centre, Dr Qadeer Mohammad Ali, said on Friday that the campaign would focus on creating awareness and involving students of the university and local community in cleaning the coastal areas of Karachi.

“It is a tangible activity and brings the university’s students and locals together to do something good towards the conservation and rehabilitation of beaches, which would result in long-term sustainable management.”

He added the campaign was an educational and social programme to combat with the problem of trash in the coastal areas. He mentioned that the participants would be trained on how to reuse trash material to make arts and crafts.

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