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Karachi journalist resurfaces

KARACHI: Saleem Shehzad, a Karachi —based reporter for the daily Star, returned to Pakistan on Tuesday after being released by the Taliban in Afghanistan’s Hilman province. On November 18 ,Shehzad and a Quetta-based journalist Qamar Yousafzai reached Kandahar from Balochistan .However, they were picked up in Hilman province which is dominated by the Taliban.They were kept for four days and the released after their identification was confirmed.“When we were picked up we were in a part of Hilman province where there were Taliban hideouts,” said Shehzad while talking to Daily Times over the phone on Tuesday.

“The people who picked us up were the same people we had just interviewed earlier in the day.They said that they wanted to know how come we had managed to come so close to them.Shehzad told the men that they had no come with the help of the Taliban but through some other source.During their four-day detention, Shehzad and Yousafzai were kept in an enclosed space.Shehzad said that they were fed and looked after well and that the men treated them politely. “It was only after the Taliban confirmed out identity and nationality through their Pakistani sources that we were released”, Shehzad said.
Source: Daily Times