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Karachi, Hyderabad situation improving

RAWALPINDI, Jan. 21: The Federal Cabinet, which met here today under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister Mr Mohammad Khan Junejo discussed the law and order situation in the country and noted that conditions were improving in Karachi and Hyderabad as a result of efforts made by the Government. The Cabinet was apprised of the measures taken to abate the situation. Steps were underway to revamp Karachi’s administration so as to make it effective, efficient and more responsive to the public needs.

The Government reasserted its position to take all necessary steps against anti-State and anti-nation elements who were creating an environment of unrest. In its meeting today, the Cabinet decided to set up an Industrial Commission with Mr A.G.N. Kazi, Deputy Chairman Planning Commission as its head. The Commission will review the industrial priorities defined in the industrial policy. In this connection, the Commission will review the availability of infrastructure for industries and examine the feasibility of instituting ‘one window operation’ at the industrial estate level.

It would also review the existing system of transfer of technology to facilitate and encourage acquisition and absorption of modern technology by the industry. The Commission will also examine the system of incentives and facilities for the development of industries in the rural and backward areas in order to stimulate industrial development in these areas. The Commission will examine the functioning of the Karachi Export Processing Zone and advise about the setting up of further such zones in the country. The Commission will amongst others include, members of the Parliament, industrialists and representatives of the industrial labour.

The Cabinet considered a number of measures for promotion of export of manpower from Pakistan. In this connection the Cabinet decided that bilateral manpower agreements should be negotiated with the manpower importing countries. It also directed that closer contacts should, be established with the overseas employers in order to secure maximum job opportunities. The Cabinet further directed that efforts should ‘-)e made to secure managerial, maintenance and service contracts abroad involving utilisation of the technical manpower. The Cabinet also decided to review the policy of induction of new overseas employment promoters with a view to encouraging competition in the interest of larger manpower exports.

The Cabinet stressed the need for devising an effective monitoring system in the light of past experience. The Cabinet emphasised the urgency of regular labouor market surveys abroad. It was also considered necessary that training programmes in Pakistan should be re-structured so that workers are trained to meet the newly emerging skill requirements particularly in the Middle East. The Cabinet gave its approval to the ratification of the amendments in the Constitution of the International Labour Organisation adopted at the 72nd session of the International Labour Conference held in Geneva in June 1986.

Source: The Nation