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Journalists asked to spread awareness about prevention of diseases

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PESHAWAR: Experts have called upon the local journalists to spread awareness regarding preventive measures of diseases to lessen the burden of ailments among the people.

“We can put brakes on host of health issues provided the reporters highlight the causative agents of the diseases and guide the people to follow steps aimed at ensuring their healthy lives and safety from complications,” Prof Sanaullah Jan, the director of Pakistan Institute of Community Ophthalmology (PICO), Hayatabad Medical Complex, told a symposium on Tuesday.

The event entitled “Eye Care and Health Journalism” was organised by PICO. It was also addressed by Prof Mohammad Daud Khan, the former vice-chancellor of Khyber Medical University.

“Through scaling up public awareness in media, we can not only save the people from spending unnecessary amount but can also ensure that they stay fit and avoid diseases through precautionary steps,” said Prof Sanaullah. He added that reporters should convey correct information to the people about illnesses so that they could contact right doctors at the right time.

Prof Tahmeedullah, the director of Burns and Plastic Surgery Centre, spoke about the ethics of writing articles for journals. He said that all such articles should go through proper reviews and steps to ensure production of quality stuff for making impact on the lives of the readers. He cited several examples of plagiarism in articles for journals and suggested that original research was needed to create awareness about health issues among people.

“Some people submitted one paper to two journals for publications for getting promotion in service. Such trends should be discouraged as it is against the ethical standards. We have laid down high standards for approval of research papers at Khyber Girls Medical College to produce quality matter that can put positive impact on the lives of people,” he said.

Ophthalmologist Dr Junaid Faisal Wazir spoke about common eye diseases and said that people shouldn’t use glasses without the advice of doctors. He said that people with problems of eyesight should undergo proper checkups, especially for diabetes. He said that eyes should be washed with clean water in case of insertion of any foreign body to prevent complications.

Dr Sadiquallh Khan, Dr Mohammad Ziauddun Khalil and Prof Shahid Ayub also addressed the participants of the symposium regarding eye care.

Lucas Duran, an Italian medical journalist, who presided over the symposium, shed light on the health journalism and its benefits of people. He also mentioned the complex reporting in media during Covid-19 and stressed the need for arranging training for journalists in the area of health to benefit people and pay way for healthy lifestyle.

He said that specialised health reporting was making worldwide impact with regard to prevention of diseases. He added that press reporters and health professionals should work in coordination to come with authentic information about diseases and enable the people to use medicines and other treatments as per international protocols and avoid problems.

Local journalists Mohammad Shahid and Asif Khan Turk also spoke regarding health journalism. They asked for promotion of health journalism in the country to inform people about precautionary measures as well as the emergency of new health problems and ways to tackle them.

Source: Dawn

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