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Jharoka showcasing ‘Dreaming Colours’

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Islamabad: Jharoka art gallery is having an Exhibition of 20 latest works by Shakir Mughal. This is his first solo show of oil paintings in Islamabad. Shakir Mughal is a UK based Pakistani artist who is working under the guidance of International artists in UK and he says that his work is mainly inspired by John Polka the great artist whose name is famous as a contemporary and modern artists of its own kind. One can see and feel the changes and maturity with the passage of time in this series of paintings. These works are the feelings and dreams of my world. The beauty and romance of colours can be seen in his paintings. Shakir Mughal basically belongs to Rawalpindi he has also done a one year course of art from Rawalpindi Art Council.

Shakir says my Exhibition “Dreaming Colours” based on mixture of unintentional blur dreams which totally muddled or blended with colours and completely forgotten on wake up. That’s probably the reality of dreaming as no one plans dreams they just comes out of nowhere and don’t stick into our memories, although they aren’t obvious yet they drained or expels the reality of everyday life into our brains in an abstract and unexplained form.

I don’t want the imprisonment of colours in shapes or their concealment in limitations; I rather prefer them in an uncontrolled and unplanned way; just like the hollow space of vast limitless blue sky with multiple shades of blue; like colours are living their own life without empowerment of shapes and fear of boundaries, boards and holding lines but just freedom. This limitlessness makes layers of colours on top of each other’s and creates new meanings of colours, shades, textures, tones and lines. This Exhibition will continue till 28th Feb 2014.

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