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Jang Group wants people to show patience

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KARACHI: The Jang Group spokesman said in a statement Friday that it has been said several times that the Group has leveled no allegation against any institution or head of any institution. It was the stand of the family of Hamid Mir that was aired by Geo. ISPR statement and picture of its DG were also shown for hours. This was in accordance with law, constitution and best practice.

Hamid Mir is a world renowned journalist and like every citizen it was his right that his point of view is aired and published. The spokesman said case against the Jang Group is in Pemra. The JIT is also investigating this matter. The matter will ultimately go to courts. If someone is not satisfied, the doors of courts are open for him.

The spokesman said, “We should show patience and wait for the completion of the legal process. The truth will come out after the legal process. And the wrong will be exposed.” Our religion Islam also wants us to show patience and seek justice within the law.

The allegations being leveled against the Jang Group at present were also leveled in the past and were proved wrong in the Supreme Court. The Jang Group, he said, is target of baseless and malicious propaganda.

He said, “the allegations against Jang Group are baseless. We have all the proofs. We air and publish material that benefits the country and that is why Geo is watched and Jang –The News are read more than any competitor in the country.”The spokesman appealed to the people not to give opportunity to the world to make fun of us. He said peaceful protest is right of everybody but hurling abuses and threats must be avoided.

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