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Pemra member claims govt committing suicidal act

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ISLAMABAD: In an extraordinary development, Pemra Member Israr Abbasi, who is considered close to the establishment, after the authority’s crucial meeting on Friday said that the government was committing a suicidal act by not acting against the Geo TV as the ISI had moved a complaint against the channel.

Israr, in fact, openly and clearly threatened the democratic government during a live press conference, using naked threatening words that by not immediately banning the Geo TV, the PML-N government was basically committing suicide as the complaint against the channel was moved by none else than the ISI.

The words used by Israr Abbasi, who is a lawyer and has resigned from the authority according to the Friday’s official press release by Pemra, were inappropriate and a naked threat to a democratic government for getting a decision of his choice. Despite being a lawyer, Israr Abbasi was unaware of the basic fact that the ISI is a civilian institution and is directly under the control of the prime minister of the country and by not accepting a complaint of a subordinate department, the government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was not committing any suicide.

Basically, Pemra is an independent body and doesn’t come directly under the administrative control of the federal government, so it was completely incomprehensible as to why and how the PML-N’s federal government will commit a suicide if Pemra decided the ISI’s complaint in accordance with the law and the Constitution.

The same threat also came two days back as some parties with record of mysterious links and activities are set to stage big protests in the federal capital and the leader of one such party has even stated that there is no democracy in the country, so “democracy will not be derailed”.

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