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Imran accuses govt of buying journalists, media houses, anchors, analysts

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JHELUM: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Sunday alleged that billions of rupees were spent to buy journalists, media houses, anchors and analysts.

He said Rs10 bn were given to media houses in one year and now Rs3 bn are being given to them every month.He said the government had provided the Intelligence Bureau (IB) with Rs2.7 billion to sabotage the PTI sit-in in the federal capital.

He alleged the budget of the Intelligence Bureau (IB) was increased from Rs20 million to Rs2.7 billion to sabotage the PTI protests and sit-ins. He said that he would go to Larkana to rid Sindh of its chains.

Addressing a large gathering at the Syed Zamir Jafri Stadium here, Imran said he would stand with the people of Sindh and his party would break the chains of fear in Sindh.Imran said a final battle will be held on November 30 in Islamabad. He said November 30 will be a decisive day for the Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) government. He claimed he would break the partnership of Mian Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari.

Imran said Nawaz Sharif was afraid of him and that is why he had been declared a proclaimed offender. The PTI chief said he could not attend any weddings, funerals or any other events or meet his children during the last 94 days due to the sit-in. He announced that his sit-in would not end until rigging was exposed. He said only 200 able people were required to make a new Pakistan, and his party was self-sufficient in youngsters. He said an attack by 100 lambs together could make the tiger or wolf run away.

The PTI chief asked the gathering: can a corrupt prime minister send Imran Khan to prison? And will they besiege a police station if any innocent person is detained by the police? Imran asked the participants to join him on 30th of November in Islamabad to get justice.

“My electricity is cut and I use candlelight,” he added. “It is time to eliminate thana culture politics, it is time to make new Pakistan in which people will have respect,” he added.The PTI chief said rulers were preparing their children to make the people their slaves. “I have never seen this much number of women outside Lahore,” he said.

Imran said “Butt” is a great cast and he would say only Gullu, and not Gullu Butt in future. Sheikh Rashid also addressed the public meeting before Imran Khan in his traditional style. He said any parliament has no value which is headed by a prime mister involved in money-laundering.

He asked the judiciary to take notice of illegal appointment of the PIA chairman. Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari were eating up the nation like termites, Sh Rashid said, adding that women party members were sitting in jalsa and therefore he would be careful in saying anything. He said the system which was looting the public should be burnt out. A decision would be made by Imran Khan on 30th, he added.

Other PTI leaders were also present along with local leadership of Jhelum on this occasion. Imran reached the venue by a helicopter from Bani Gala.Strict security measures were taken by the district administration and walkthrough gates were installed. Two stages were made: one for the PTI main leadership and the other for the local leaders.

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