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Hacker on remand for making fake account on social media

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Well done FIA Accused of uploading obscene content ISLAMABAD: A senior civil judge has sent Asim Khan Sikandar on a 14-day remand for faking a social media account of media anchorperson Nadia Khan and uploading obscene content on it.

FIA presented Sikandar before the court after expiry of his four-day remand. After making the fake account, he allegedly started sending blackmailing letters to the anchor’s house. He is also facing charges of defaming the anchorperson’s father, Aslam Khan.

It is a job very well done by the FIA. In many countries of the world, the menace of hacking social media accounts has been curtailed but unfortunately it is unchecked in Pakistan. The National Assembly has recently passed a bill to stop it but it is pending in the Senate.

The practice of mixing and merging body parts of different persons in computer programmes to present an obscene photo is highly condemnable but goes on unchecked on social media. Anybody can term anyone thief, dacoit or whatever he wants with impunity. Noble people are often defamed on social media without fear of any accountability. There is a need for tough steps against those who try to malign the people on social media.

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