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Gujrat PTV ban regrettable

ISLAMABAD- PTV spokesman Sunday regretted Indian decision to ban Pakistan Television (PTV) transmission in the Gujarat state for allegedly broadcasting provocative reports of the communal violence in that state which so far claimed over 400 lives.

“PTV has been reporting nothing but facts as they have unfolded and the Gujarat government’s ban on its transmission is regrettable,” he said. The official spokesman dismissed as untrue the Gujarat Chief Minister’s allegation that PTV beamed “disinformation” in its reports on the unprecedented communal violence.

“PTV does not have direct access to news gathering in India and depends on visual footages and news reports from international sources,” said the’ PTV spokesman. He said, it was, therefore, unfair to blame Pakistan Television as all other international TV networks, as indeed the Indian networks, have been reporting the same stories.

Source: The Nation