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Government says press enjoys unparalleled freedom

ISLAMABAD- An official spokesman said that under the present government the print and electronic media in Pakistan enjoyed an enviable and unparalleled freedom.

He said this while responding to a query about the report of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan which viewed critically the government policies vis a vis freedom of expression and political activities.

The spokesman said not only the print media, but even the electronic media of Pakistan had been liberalized to the extent that coverage to the activities of various political parties was given due display. “In fact, this is for the first time in the 54-year history of Pakistan that the state electronic media has witnessed liberalization of its media policy.”

The spokesman referred to favourable acknowledgement of the freedom of the press in the country by foreign observers and diplomats and said “the Pakistani press has recently been admired as one of the freest in the developing world.”

The government, he stated, tolerated criticism and freedom of expression, the right to dissent was intact and the press was free to report any matter critically without any fear or favour. He said the government had laid stress on watching the vital interests of the state and called for adoption of the universal practice of verification of facts before publication.

He said, “the government has tolerated political demonstrations and criticism against it by some political parties and workers.” In the wake of the promulgation of Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA), the private sector has been allowed to own and run television channels and radio stations.
Source: The News