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Ministries directed to interact with media

ISLAMABAD- The Chief Executive Secretariat has taken serious note of lack of interaction of all the federal ministries with media representatives for dissemination of the their performance.

According to a directive issued by the Secretariat, “It has now been observed that the spokesmen offices have remained largely dormant in almost every ministry/division barring Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Consequently, the Information offices are not used effectively for projecting government performance.”

The directive says the chief executive has directed that the spokesperson should make more effective use of information officers. “The Information officers may be kept informed of all developments, decisions, programmes and plan of the respective ministries/divisions to enable him/her to identify the news worth plans, programmes and decisions for projection in the media in consultation with the concerned secretary/minister,” the directive said.

The Secretariat also directed all the ministries that every ministry/division may issue at least one article every fortnightly to be released to the national press through the concerned Ministry/Division through concerned Information Officer.”

The Press Information Department (PID) will assist the ministry/division for holding the press conferences/briefings, identifying negative stories that appear in the newspapers,” the directive said. All the ministries/divisions have been asked to report compliance of the directive to the Secretariat by April 30.

Source: The News