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Government has given total freedom to press

ISLAMABAD- Chief Executive General Pervez Musharraf said his government has given total freedom to the press and personally he has no complaints against the media about his projection.

“We are not politicians. We are not media conscious,” he said in PTV interview. He said the government believed in freedom of press and has granted total freedom to the national press. “Such freedom has never been given in the past.”

He said the television channels were also being privatized. “It is a big step towards freedom of the press.” He commended Pakistan Television’s performance during the hijacking of Indian plane. “I am proud of PTV. They took on Zee television and countered their propaganda.”

He said we should differentiate between anti-government and anti-national elements. “You can criticise me. You can criticise the government. But nobody should be anti-national. We will not tolerate anti national elements.”

Source: Business Recorder