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Javed Jabbar on Press Freedom

HYDERABAD- The Advisor to Chief Executive on National Affairs, Information and Media Development, Javed Jabbar has said that the present government was fully aware of importance of free and independent electronic and print media.

He said preparation of an effective regulatory framework to regulate the media was a difficult subject not only in Pakistan, but other countries of the world was also facing problems in this regard.

He said that despite the experience of 230 years long democracy, the legislators of elected institutions of America, which supposed to be a superpower, could not formulate legislation for media. He, however, said that America had created a vibrant and strong society because of the freedom of expression.

The Advisor said that it was the matter of pride for present government that it had recognised the cable television in the country. He said Chief Executive General Pervez Musharraf in his speech to the nation also announced the issuance of licenses for setting up television and radio channels in private sector.

Responding to a question about obscene publications, Javed Jabbar, while admitting it as a matter of concern, said that such menace should be eliminated and advised the Ministry of Information to compile a list of such newspapers, which are violating the laws.

Source: The Nation