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Geo crosses yet another milestone

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Karachi: Despite the closing days of Ramazan, Eid shopping, incessant rain, loadshedding and top level pre-occupations there is no stopping the top level popularity of the Geo transmission of “Amaan Ramazan” and reception of its host Dr Aamir Liaquat Hussain.

People have been pouring in large number to the Amaan City to have a glimpse of their beloved host and view his articulate presentation in spite of traffic jams and knee level water accumulated on the roads. Those having hard luck of not getting passes are glued to the TV screen and appreciate different stages of the programme.

The top level popularity of the programme was visible on the rating of 18th of Ramazan when during its just 24 hours broadcast it secured the rating of GRPS “242” striking a unique and singular record.

Although people of different age groups belonging to diversified schools of thought have been attending the programme but basic preference of Dr Aamir had been to serve neglected people of the society. In this connection on the 24th day of the transmission those suffering from the deadly disease of Thalassemia were the guests of Dr Aamir. Among those were the 22 years old Chartered Accountant Zaid Ilyas Rao, businessman Chetan Kelwani, a student of Pharmacy Zul Kafl Rao and Saqib Hussain. A social worker dedicated to serve the patients of Thalassemia Aisha Mahmood was also present on the occasion.

Before the final stage of the most popular quiz programme in the history of Pakistan “Zer Zabar Pesh” Dr Aamir invited in yet other special programme the popular anchors of Geo News, Geo Tez and Geo Sports and cartoonists as participants of the contest. They included Sana Mirza, Altamash Jewa, Danish Anis, Fatima Saleem, Fazeela Saba, Faizan Danyal and Iftikhar Ali. The light talk of the host with these participants was the highlight of the presentation. The best of three final series of the “Zer Zabar Pesh” begins today (Sunday).

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