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Gang rape cases increase by 12pc in first 8 months

By: Jam Sajjad Hussain

LAHORE – The crime graph of heinous nature has shot up across the Punjab province as 15,5829 crimes of heinous nature were reported during the first eight months of 2010 while 12,4328 incidents took place in the corresponding period last year.

The crimes include murder, kidnapping for ransom, dacoity-cum-murder, dacoity, robbery, car and bike snatching and theft.

The province has seen a spate of crime during the first eight months of the current year and everyone from police officers to businessmen, senior citizens and women especially the female students have become criminals’ targets.

According to Comparative Crime Profile Summery (CCPS) furnished by a top police source at Police Punjab Capital Office (CPO), the copy of which is also available with TheNation, shows that overall 25,9376 cases of crimes of all nature were reported during the first eight months this year whereas 26,0276 cases were traced during the same period last year.

The kidnapping cases increased by 14 per cent, attempt to murder cases by 6 per cent, rape cases by 10 per cent and gang rape cases increased by 12 per cent. The dacoity cases increased by 9 per cent, robberies by 11 per cent, MV snatching by 13 per cent, burglary by 8 per cent, extortion by 10 per cent, MV theft by 28 per cent and other theft cases increased by 5 per cent during this span of time. However, the numbers of proclaimed offenders (POs) increased by 12 per cent while the number of court absconders (ACs) shot up by 33 per cent this year.

The crime against person and property increased by 4 and 9 per cent respectively in Punjab where no less than 4,129 murder cases and 1,783 cases of dacoity (395 PPC) were registered during the eight months in 2010. Around 3,977 incidents of murder and 1,629 incidents of dacoity bids were reported in the same period last year.

The CCPS further revealed that about 9,428 cases of kidnapping/abduction, 4,973 of attempt to murder, 14,681 of hurt, and 102 of kidnapping for ransom were reported during this span of time while 8,278, 4,682, 15,574, and 130 cases of same nature were traced in the same period last year respectively.

Almost 18 per cent cases of gang rape increased during this time as 167 were reported during eight months while 149 incidents took place last year.

Almost 10,576 incidents of robbery (392 PPC) were reported this year while 9,507 were traced last year. As many as 3,740 cases of MV snatching were reported this year while 3,321 incident occurred last year till August.

Punjab Police claimed to have faced 196 ‘encounters’ with 3 per cent increase compared to eight months of the last year, in which 40 policemen were martyred with 122 per cent increase compared to last where 18 police officers were killed.

However, 153 accused were gunned down with 2 per cent increase as compared to last eight months in which 150 accused were killed. Punjab police could manage to arrest only 131 criminals almost with 25 per cent decrease compared to 181 arrested in said time of the last year.

According to CCPS, it seemed the Punjab police performance could not be increased regarding any sense as it managed to bust only 1,540 gangs with 16 per cent difference as compared to last in which 1,601 were taken to task.

Around 10,136 cases were traced against members of notorious gangs with 12 per cent decrease compared to the said time during the last year in which 11,481 criminals were apprehended. The police, however, claimed to have recovered Rs 747 million in cash with 17 per cent increase as the amount was reported Rs 639 million during the last year.

The CCPS further reveals that as many as 64,534 POs emerged this year, out of which 67,147 were arrested whereas 57,786 POs reported in the said time during the last year, out of which 42,702 were apprehended.

However, as many as 33,292 CAs were reported this year, out of which 31,292 were apprehended while 25,033 were reported last year out of which 24,457 were arrested.

About 34,633 cases were registered under Arms Ordinance while 41,216 were traced during the eight months of last year.

Punjab Police spokesman Deputy Inspector General of Police Punjab (DIG) Akram Naeem Bharoka was unavailable to respond when contacted.
Source: The Nation