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Cultural values

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Why have most of the TV channels started showing such atrocious shows which have no value for the young of the country or for families as a whole? In the race for ratings there are ongoing imprudent and ridiculous morning shows, shouting matches and name calling and accusations in our evening political shows. There are a few plays which bring a message of our cultural values and promote honesty and integrity but those are very few. In my youth even the children’s programs and cartoon characters, no matter how much mischief they practiced would present moral values in the end.

Why have we become hostage to the mullahs and politicians and scattered body parts which have taken over our learning time shows? The final nail in the coffin, to my recollection, was the closure and the scandal of the Pakistani Sesame Street (Sim Sim Hamara). When did we stop teaching our youth about moral obligations and started preaching making a quick buck? Now the elders tell the youth to either start making fast money or leave the country as fast as they can.


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