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Call for preserving Pakistani arts, culture

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Islamabad: Federal Minister for Federal Education and Professional Training and National History and Literary Heritage Shafqat Mehmood on Thursday stressed the need to highlight the importance of the arts and culture of Pakistan and preserve the country’s rich historical and cultural heritage.

He was addressing a ceremony after inaugurating the ‘International Conference and Exhibition on Aesthetic Encounter between Traditions and Modernity in Pakistani Art and Culture’ at the COMSATS University here.

The event is part of a 10-day series of activities being organised as part of the Islamabad Art Festival 2019. The organisers underlined and emphasized the importance and the role of universities in the development of art and culture of Pakistan.

The minister praised the university for becoming a hub of arts and literary activities. He said that the government had given immense importance to the preservation of the Kalaash civilisation and was actively engaged with UNESCO in preserving and passing on cultural heritage to future generations.

CUI Rector Dr. Raheel Qamar said that cultural diversity was a vital social and traditional resource that must be embraced as a unifying bond in Pakistani modern art. The rector said the main focus of the conference was to concentrate on building a bridge between the traditional arts and modern arts of Pakistan and highlight the importance of creating the modern identity of Pakistani art based on its cultural heritage.

President of IAF2019 Jamal Shah, who was the keynote speaker of the conference, talked about the importance of traditions and modernity and how to bring them together for a unique modern identity of Pakistan.

Later participants were shown the works of local and foreign artists, including miniature art, new materials, and media for aesthetic expression.

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