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Bombardment of medicine ads in media

I WOULD like to draw your attention towards the bombardment of advertisements of different medicines/drugs in the media, particularly in the electronic media.

Advertisement of any medicine is unethical and can cause serious health hazards. It is advisable that a drug be taken by the patient after consulting a qualified doctor.

It is unfortunate that anybody can buy any medicine from any medical store in our country without showing a prescription from a qualified doctor.

Self-medication is common in Pakistan because of advertisements and is causing serious health problems. Aspirin can cause profuse gastrointestinal bleeding when taken without the advice of a doctor.

It is important to note that only qualified doctors can legally prescribe medicines with proper dosage, time and duration for a particular complaint of a patient.

A large number of people are involved in self-medication. Commonly used medicines include analgesics, vitamins, sexual-prowess enhancing medicines, antibiotics, medicines for fair colour, medicines for weight loss or gain, etc.

I request the federal information minister and other authorities concerned to immediately stop all types of advertisements of medicines/drugs on media, particularly on TV.

The government should immediately ban dispensing of any medicines/drugs from medical stores without the prescription of a qualified doctor.

I request one and all: do not use any medicines/drugs which are being advertised in the media, particularly on TV, without consulting a qualified doctor.

Source: Dawn