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Aangan Terrha makes it past 100!

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The hit theatre show based on the hit TV series takes a bow in Karachi

Yes, Aangan Terrha – brought to you in association with Geo TV and Jang Group – became the first play in the history of Karachi to run for 100 days straight. It has come to my knowledge that Janam Janam Ki Maili Chaadar ran for 84 consecutive days before taking a break. Hence Aangan Terrha is the first play to make it past 100 consecutive performances in Pakistan’s history. This is not a small achievement considering the law and order situation in the city, as well as the fact that there aren’t many theatres left in Karachi. The play had the audience glued to their seats because the dialogues required attention, the antics on stage required concentration, and the brilliant lighting kept the audience’s focus on the stage. For a crooked Aangan, the stage was perfect!

On the final day of Aangan Terrha, the cast and crew performed twice! Once for people who returned without watching the play a day earlier, and then for those who were invited (or purchased tickets) for the final show. Sadly, reserved seats for actors Shakeel and Qazi Wajid – and their families were taken up by those who believed that by paying Rs 1500 for the ticket, they have earned the privilege to sit on reserved seats. It was really saddening to see Mr Shakeel watch the play in one corner, and Mrs Shakeel view it while sitting on the opposite side. Similarly, Qazi Wajid was made to wait for a few minutes before the organizers finally managed to arrange a front row seat for him.

After the last show of Aangan Terrha in Karachi ended, writer Anwar Maqsood came on stage and thanked the cast of the new and the original play, the crew (including the director), as well as the President of Arts Council Ahmed Shah for making the 101 shows possible. He also asked those in attendance to sensibly vote in the upcoming elections so that people can be served by those willing rather than those who believe it is their right to rule. Legendary actors Qazi Wajid and Shakeel also came on stage to congratulate the youngsters on their brilliant performances, and all were given a standing ovation as well.

But as Shakeel said, the show stealer 30 years back and in 2013 are one and the same person – Akbar. Yasir Hussain was as brilliant as Akbar in the theatre version of the play as Saleem Nasir was when the original serial was aired in 1983. The crowd also agreed with the original Mehboob Ahmed since they clapped, and clapped and clapped for the ‘new’ Akbar who remained speechless and in awe of the praise he received.

Dawar Mehmood came on stage to introduce the talented members of KopyKats Productions who bowed down to accept the applause they received. The cast was led by the gifted Hareem Farooq who mesmerized the audience with her portrayal of Jehan Ara and played with the mood of the audience, making them laugh and cry, whenever she wanted. The director also informed the audience of Hareem’s film debut Siyaah and the fact that she has been very close to the KopyKats and instrumental to its success in recent years.

Those who must be mentioned for their brilliant characterization include the multitalented Khalifa Sajeeruddin who played the loveable Chaudhary Sahib, Talal Jilani who revived the role of Mehboob Ahmed to the best of his abilities, Wassam Waheed who portrayed the famous poet Qais Ahmed Qais, Bilal Yousufzai who was the hapless Sahafi, Sana Khan Niazi who donned the avatar of a famous morning show host, and senior artist Nazar Hussain who played the twin roles of Colonel Barkat as well as the classical singer.

The final show in the (former) city of lights was concluded with Dawar Mehmood’s brilliant statement, “I am Dawar Mehmood and I have directed Aangan Terrha.” It was befitting since many believe that the director of a theatre play doesn’t do much besides shouting backstage and supervising actors. In fact, Dawar did neither, because when this scribe was talking to the cast backstage, the director joined in and all had a great time. All this happened while the play was on, and actors were ascending or descending the stage.

However, the final moment of the evening was really special; the director of PTV’s Aangan Terrha Qaiser Farooq met Dawar Mehmood and shook hands with him. For a person who has been obsessed with Aangan Terrha, the handshake must have meant a lot. It was more like the passing of a torch, which Qaiser Farooq seems to have done with Dawar Mehmood, so that he can play a long innings in the field of theatre, where there is still a lot to be desired!

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