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36-24-36 on display at Colours Art Gallery

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LAHORE: Faseeh Saleem’s solo exhibition titled “36’ 24’ 36’” kicked off at Colours Art Gallery here on Thursday. A number of art lovers, art students, teachers and renowned artists visited the gallery on the inauguration day. Caretaker Education and Health Minster Salima Hashmi inaugurated the exhibition.

He has displayed 5 of his art works including a sculpture, video and sketch at the exhibition. His artwork included acrylic on looking glass titled “A mirror-like response” sketch with mix medium “A practice, A custom, A way”, “Lay Figure”, “A myth, A wonder, A query”, a sculpture of knitted elastic “Embody” and a video “An act A claim”. Saleem has explained about the perfect human body size specially the females who are more conscious about their health and accurate size.

Graduated in Textile Design from Beaconhouse National University (BNU) in 2007, Saleem is still associated with BNU as he is currently teaching at School of Visual Arts and Design of BNU. He later went to Sweden for MFA in Fashion and Textile Design and got his degree with specialisation in textile design and fibre art from The Swedish School of Textiles in 2011.

Talking to Daily Times, Faseeh Saleem was of the view that blurring the boundaries between art and fashion, the work makes an inquiry into the ‘Notion of Beauty’ equating it to an hourglass figure. “This is a question about the human perception of what a perfect body size is. How a mannequin becomes a perfect body reference in the construction of an article of clothing,” he added.

He said that during the making it involves both the presence and absence of the real physical human body. He added that his art work specially focuses on the consciousness of women about their perfect body size, who even don’t want to loose a single inch up or down in their body size.

Caretaker Education and Health Minister Salima Hashmi while speaking on occasion admired the creative work of Faseeh Saleem.

Source: Daily Times

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