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World summit on human rights and peace concludes

A three-day ‘World Summit on Human Rights and Peace 2013′ session concluded on Tuesday underscoring the need to ensure mechanism regarding implementation of laws for curbing Human Rights’ violation, women trafficking and Child labour. The participants emphasised that youth should be tasked to mobilise and motivate the societal behaviour for betterment.

The delegates attending the second-day of the World Summit of International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) addressing the event held responsible the political elites of the under developing countries for poverty, disease and challenges due to their bad governance in their respective countries.

The governments of under developing and developing countries were also held responsible for poor mechanism to ensure implementation on legislations and laws pertaining to avoid violation of human rights and failure to ensure basic necessities of life for the under-privileged sections of the society.

Dr Amin Shahid, Chairman IHRC, underscored the need to identify the flaws for which the rights and laws of women and children are not being implemented and why did the state actors fail to implement those laws. The delegates pointed out that amidst prevailing challenges across the world, “our globe is in a fix” and a mechanism should be devised to address the threats and issues of women trafficking and domestic violence should be tackled effectively.

The world community should come forward to enforce the laws and ensure implementation of the guidelines to curtail inhuman practices and ensure that there should be no discrimination on the basis of sex. Commenting on ‘Globalisation’ and its consequences in under developed countries, the delegates emphasised that globalisation should prevail, but not at the cost of poor and under developing countries’ fate.-PR

Source: Business Recorder

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