Ministry of Human Rights takes special measures against child labour

Pakistan Press Foundation

Islamabad: Ministry of Human Rights has taken special measures for bounded child labour to bring them into mainstream of the society’s fabric.

According to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, the index of bounded child labour in the country is estimated 1.13 per cent of the total population so the Ministry has initiated some projects to root out this evil.

An official of the Ministry said that Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) is working to end the bounded labour because bounded labour is all the aforementioned forms and it has been a long lasting problem in various sectors due to poverty, feudal system and internal trafficking. The Ministry has devised a plan through a helpline to report child labour to end the menace with collective efforts of the society.

The Bureau further said that HRCP’s prime responsibility is to prohibit children bondage under living household labour. In order to eradicate bonded labour in Pakistan, it further added that the multi-faceted approach is needed to end this. The Bureau also said that there was dire need to create awareness among people to end bounded labour through education.

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