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The media’s moral policing


The media, of late, has started resorting to the cheapest and most vile form of sensationalism there is by moral policing the citizens on live television broadcasts. First we had a certain Miss Maya Khan who shocked viewers by ‘exposing’ young boys and girls in a public park who were doing nothing more than taking leisurely strolls. The anchor woman made it seem as if they were in scandalous and compromising positions. The latest addition to the bandwagon of harsh morality is none other than an anchor woman known as Maria Zulfikar Khan.

One is surprised that this otherwise elegant, well-spoken and seemingly intelligent young lady, who used to be an English speaking anchor, has decided to join the ranks of folk like Maya Khan. In her latest show, she decided to raid a beauty parlour where, apparently, she had heard reports that illicit encounters were happening. To raid private property with the aid of a camera is an infringement of individual liberty and cannot be condoned in any way — even the police require a warrant to enter private property.

I am shocked that someone as supposedly learned as Maria Zulfikar would resort to such a malicious thing to just jack up the ratings of her show. She must be dealt with severely and so should the producers of the show. This is not entertainment; it is filth passing for serious journalism and it must be stopped.

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