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Swiss Knife – Social Media Convention 2012

By the time businesses learnt to make use of websites and e-mails for the purpose of marketing and promoting their product, the proliferation of Web 2.0 subjugated every other way of promoting a product, making it must for a business to have social media presence. The ubiquitous and multi-faceted nature of social media compels the organizations to build their residency on social media as a necessary measure in order to promote their product/service and to augment their reach to the customers.

Despite the fact that organizations have a presence on social media sites, they are unable to achieve their goals. The cordon that prevents them from achieving their goals via and over social media is nothing but the knowledge deficiency of businesses regarding use of social media and the special ways it offers to attract customers and enhance business. Therefore, how social media savvy a person is decides the success of the business.

To guide these businesses, independent service providers, marketers, and entrepreneurs, who are desperately seeking success over social media, an event called Swiss Knife Convention 2012 is taking place on 16th of October at PC – Karachi. This event will provide a golden opportunity to entrepreneurs, business men, and marketers to meet intellects and esteemed members from the IT sector who’ll talk on significance of social media presence and respond to the queries of the individuals. This event will provide an open forum to the businessmen and entrepreneurs to discuss with them that how they can make best use of social media. This event will foster a healthy discussion among the guests and the speakers which will reveal the ‘basics and beyond’ of the social media.

The objective of this event is to gather social media experts from the country to impart knowledge and share with the guests the most valuable tactics and strategies about business building. This forum will inculcate in them how social media can be utilized in the best manner to expand their business. The aim of this event is to deliver and impart knowledge about the use of social media in business, which is equal to giving power to someone; power to grow and power to lead the competitors.

The esteemed speakers that will be gracing this event by their presence include Jehan Ara (President, Pakistan Software Houses Association – P@SHA), Dr. Awab Alvi (TED Senior Fellow, Blogger Extraordinaire), Masood Hashmi (CEO Orientm McCann Erickson), Badar Khushnood (Google Pakistan), Bazigh Kiani (Mission Cre8ech), Ateeq Khan (Ccureit), Yousaf Rashid (Social Media Trainer/Media Manager, Time n Space Media Private Ltd.), and Shayaan Tahir (Successful Entreprenur and CEO of PCWorld and IDG are the Technology Media Partners to the event.

Each venerated speaker will shed light on different aspects of social media out of their experiences and areas in which they have specialized. Jehan Ara, whose aim is to create a community through Women’s Virtual Network so that it grows into a support network for professional women will be an important source of understanding how use of social media forms a community and what benefits can be obtained from social networking in the businesses. Social media provide a platform for the businesses to demonstrate what they have to offer to customers.

That’s kind of a freedom that social media can provide to different businesses. The concept of presentation of ideas can be well understood by Dr. Awab Alvi’s experience who believes in online freedom of expression. He will also highlight how social media can bring a positive change to the businesses as he himself has used twitter, blog, and other social media tools to bring positive change in Pakistan. The biggest challenge that businesses can come across over social media is how to educate customers about a particular product or service. Mr. Badar Khushnood, who specializes in B2B and B2C online strategy development and negotiating formal business relationships and is involved in educating people about Google and its products, will be a valuable source for participants in this regard.

Shayan Tahir’s experience and knowledge will be a guideline for young entrepreneurs or those who aim to commence an online business of their own as he will speak on challenges one comes across when doing business online. Since social media communicates the information about the business and products, it is very important to take safety measures in order to protect the important information.

Ateeq khan, who is a Cyber Security Consultant as well as an Ethical Hacker, will be a best source of knowing the current cyber threats and security trends associated with the use of internet. Bazigh Kiani, Chief Technology Officer at Mission Cre8ech (Pvt.) Ltd having expertise in social media marketing will share the valuable information on how technology can enhance the businesses of organizations. For marketers, Yousaf Rashid will a very effective source in knowing how social media can be utilized for public awareness and brand management. As he has extensively worked in the development of marketing, advertising, and communication strategies, the participants will be able to acquire the best practices to be used on social media to attract customers and to promote the product.

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