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Shia killing watchdog site apparently banned

The website was blocked on Saturday evening.

A website which acts as watchdog for murder of Shias, motivated by sectarian differences,, was apparently blocked on Saturday night.

Visitors were greeted with a “this webpage is not available” sign as they tried to access the site.

Many people from Pakistan on the social media site twitter protested against the forced inability to access the web page. Some blamed Pakistan Telecommunication Authority for instituting a politically motivated ban, however this could not be confirmed independently.

The site came back online briefly, before visitors started getting the aforementioned notice again.

The block comes Saturday night, almost a week after the regulatory body had blocked the official website of the Ahmadiyya community, which was ‘unblocked’ later.

Episodes of violence against Shia Muslims in Pakistan have been on the rise recently, particularly target killing of community members in Karachi and Hazaras in Balochistan.

Some on twitter protesting against the apparent ban wrote under the trend hashtag #DontBanShiaKillingWebsite:

Abdul Nishapuri‏@AbdulNishapuri

Don’t waste your tweets in support of . Use this hashtag to build a campaign: ‪#DontBanShiaKillingWebsite Please RT


The most updated portal that provides report on Shia killing in Pakistan, , has been banned.‪#DontBanShiaKillingWebsite

Ali Salman Alvi‏@alisalmanalvi

In a hideous move PTA has ban . Instead of stopping Shia Killings they are suppressing the voices against Shia Killings.

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