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Report asks govt to check violence in Pakistan

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LONDON: A new online investigative research report has called on the Pakistani authorities to strictly enforce existing bans on militant sectarian organisations and ensure that the bans apply to any changes of identity that these groups adopt, including bringing to justice those responsible for attacks against Pakistani Shias who face sectarian attacks on daily basis.

A new online report published by a group of Pakistanis based in Pakistan and the UK, who wish to identify themselves solely as ‘concerned Pakistani citizens,’ has focused on the issue of ‘Shia genocide’ by exploring its causes and practicalities, and holding it up to the universally accepted definition of genocide as laid out in the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide.

According to the authors, the government of Pakistan must provide special security for judges, public prosecutors and witnesses involved in cases against suspected sectarian perpetrators; boost security measures in Shia-majority areas and during Shia religious gatherings to protect those who are most at risk, particularly during Ashura.The report authors say that in today’s Pakistan sectarian violence has become a daily reality that can no longer be ignored.

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