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Prime Minister offers dialogue to political parties

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf on Tuesday said they were taking the opposition into confidence for holding impartial and transparent general elections,

Addressing a ceremony held in connection with Independence Day, the PM said, “… for this we have taken a start with the consensus appointment of the chief election commissioner. Insha Allah all political parties will fully participate in the next general elections and will play their role for the continuity of democracy.”

While discussing a wide range of areas, the PM also acknowledged the important role of opposition in democratic system. Contrary to confrontation between different pillars of the state, Raja adopted a reconciliatory tone when he declared that the government did not believe in confrontation and has the courage to accept criticism with patience.

The prime minister also expressed the government’s resolve of holding impartial and transparent elections, so that transfer of power takes place in a democratic way, which would be a big success for the continuity of democracy in the country.

He said further the government accepted criticism with patience, adding, “We do not believe in confrontation. We are following the policy of reconciliation according to the vision of Benazir Bhutto Shaheed. Our objective is to promote an environment of understanding and harmony in the country. Instead of criticising the government, the opposition should come up with positive suggestions through constructive approach, so that the process of development continues in the country.”

Raja also expressed his belief in holding useful dialogue with the opposition on all issues of national importance, including the formation of a caretaker government, so that important national issues are resolved through consensus and the supremacy of democracy was ensured.

“We have extended the offer of dialogue to all political parties and hope that the political leaders will realise their national responsibility and cooperate with the government,” he added.

The prime minister also touched upon the issue of Balochistan, which he believed was the result of the reckless policies of the past governments. He said the Baloch were peaceful and patriotic Pakistanis and a handful of anti-state elements had led to an environment of tension in the province.

Raja said that the federal government would also bear the financial expenses for providing 5,000 jobs to the Baloch youth for five years instead of three years.

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