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German TV team attacked in Dir

TIMERGARA- A German television crewmember was wounded when the local people attacked the media team in the main Timergara bazaar.

The police resorted to firing into the air to provide protective cover to the foreign journalists and to disperse the assailants. However, the miscreants again attacked the media team when the police stopped firing.

Later, the foreign media team was taken in protective custody to the police station, which was also attacked by the angry people, who demanded that the journalists should be handed over to them.

The three-member crew from the German Television, including Mr. Gordon (director), Mr. Hillmar (reporter) and Chrodeur (cameraman), was visiting the Dir district in connection with covering public demonstrations and interviewing the local people about their response to the Jihadi organizations in the areas.

The media team had conducted several interviews in the Timergara town, Maidan, the ancestral village of Maulana Sufi Mohammad, chief of TNSM, and Jandool areas about the presence of Jihadi organizations and the local people’s response to their activities.

German TV team visited the donations camp of Al-Badr Mujahideen setup in the Timergara town to interview the workers and activists there, when they were attacked with stones.

The policemen, who were on duty nearby, started firing into the air to disperse the assailants. However, the people again assembled and blocked the main road for all kinds of traffic for half an hour.

They also pelted stones at the Timergara police station when the media team took the German nationals into protective custody, which resulted in smashing the screens of two vehicles parked in the police station.

Source: Dawn