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Ban everything


Why is everything being banned in Pakistan? It seems this country and its people are extremely sensitive and, many a time, for no reason. First we have a ban on YouTube, then we have a complete ban on adult content on the internet, then many movies from across the border are banned from being shown in cinemas here because of anti-state content, then we have books banned by controversial authors, followed by random threats to ban Facebook as well.

Why has our culture become so intolerant of any kind of dissent, controversy and political/religious commentary that the first measure it takes is to completely wipe it out of existence? The authorities do not think the citizens are wise or educated enough to make their own decisions, which is a shame because the same authorities are the ones who have questionable degrees, ideologies and morals. It is they who get to decide which path we people ought to take. I simply do not want to stand for this kind of conditioning anymore. It is time the people say enough is enough. We need to make our own decisions about what is right and what is wrong without being browbeaten into it or left with no option.\01\30\story_30-1-2013_pg3_7

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