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YouTube tailored to fit

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Information Minister Pervez Rasheed’s statement, sometime back that the government in principle has decided to unblock YouTube does not really give the impression that the revered minister really means what he is promising.

Google has itself proclaimed that many countries have a localized version of ‘YouTube’ that allows them to tailor content to local standards. Can’t Pakistan Telecommunication Authority try to get this version?

Being an engineering student, I feel deprived of all foreign lectures and up-to-date material related to my subject. The ban has actually harmed students more than the material the government tried to ban, which sadly was just an attempt to pander to a wayward segment within the clergy.

It seems as if our educated people also need help in remaining sane. Why should we be deprived of so much knowledge just because the rulers aren’t brave enough to square up to the reality. It is my humble request to federal government to lift the ban as it is social media largely these days that provides information on most topics.


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