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Women’s rights

IN the letter, ‘Discrimination against women’ (Dec 13), Nauman Asghar writes about the status of women in Pakistan and, in the proess, criticises Muslim laws etc. But it is our hypocrisy that makes me sad more than does Mr Asghar’s letter.

He criticises our laws but Islam is the only religion that provided women some sense of security when they were used just for slavery.

It is our religion that asks our womenfolk to cover themselves when they go out of their homes so that they may be recognised as noble women and not be harassed. Our religion provides a woman the place of a mother, a sister and a wife.

On the other hand, I fail to understand why Mr Asghar can’t see women being exploited through portrayal on billboards, in magazines, etc.

If we were really serious about giving our women the status they deserve, we should rid of hypocrisy.
Source: Dawn