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Why is PFUJ limited to Quetta?

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While the journalists of Balochistan are being herded by the media owners, journalists from 34 districts are also complaining about the Balochistan Union of Journalists that the name of the union has been kept as Balochistan Union of Journalists, but no journalist from Balochistan except the journalists of Quetta. Membership is not granted

Ismail Asim of Washik Press Club also has an objection to the name of Balochistan Union of Journalists. Because, apart from Quetta, none of the journalists from other districts have membership in Balochistan Union of Journalists, in which case they do not have the right to use the name of Balochistan

According to JNN representative Abdul Hameed Magsi from the industrial city of Balochistan, Balochistan Union of Journalists can be called an organization of journalists of Quetta, but it is not an organization of journalists from other districts of Balochistan, and this organization is not their organization. It is sincere. A clear example of this is that they have not given membership to any journalist except Quetta. Then how can we call this organization the organization of journalists of entire Balochistan.

This is complete cruelty and abuse of journalists of Balochistan. And our position is that either journalists from other districts of Balochistan should be given membership or the name of this union should be changed to Quetta Union of Journalists, after that we will not have any objection. And it is our demand that realizing the need of journalists of Balochistan, Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists should allow the journalists of other districts of Balochistan to form a union with us so that we can get our legitimate rights. In this way, journalism can be strengthened here.

Abdul Hameed Magsi explains that Balochistan journalists do not even get accreditation cards from DGPR, we do not get any discount as journalists due to not having accreditation cards. Like the Balochistan Union of Journalists, the DGPR awards only specific journalists from Quetta. Which is the injustice of other journalists of Balochistan and the loss of their rights.

Afzal Butt, president of Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists, was asked about the membership of Balochistan journalists and the non-existence of units in districts other than Quetta. He said that Balochistan Union of Journalists is a unit of Quetta which is PFUJ. is a member of Other districts of Balochistan can also get membership of PFUJ if they fulfill the requirements as per the constitution. The most important thing in the constitution is that every district from which two or three newspapers are published daily can form a unit. And they get membership of PFUJ.

When Afzal Butt was asked that now newspapers are being closed in big cities. Digital media has replaced them. In such a situation, where will newspapers be printed from the abandoned cities, he said that in this regard, we are consulting to amend the policy and allow the unit in such districts where there is a full-time journalist. Also we are framing policy regarding digital media workers.

When Irfan Saeed, president of Balochistan Union of Journalists, was asked about this issue, he said that journalists from most of the districts are employed in Balochistan, but according to the rules, journalism and employment cannot be done together, so we will not allow these journalists. They do not give membership to those who are employed, while according to the constitution of Balochistan Union of Journalists, full-time journalists can get membership of Balochistan Union of Journalists. He was asked that apart from Quetta, there are many working journalists in other districts of Balochistan who are working full-time with their respective organizations and have no other profession other than journalism, then why they do not have membership. Found

In response to this, Irfan Saeed said that we still have the request of some journalists from Naseerabad and we are looking into their case. If anyone applies as per the policy, it can be considered. Regarding districts other than Quetta, he said that the conditions of the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists for forming a union at the district level in Balochistan is that a unit can be formed in a district where at least two or three newspapers are published daily. Is. On this question, five or six newspapers are published daily from Hub. So he said that he has told the colleagues of the Hub that if you people have full members then you can form a unit which will be affiliated to the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists. You can get their membership by applying regularly.

Irfan Saeed said that although journalists from districts other than Quetta are not members of Balochistan Union of Journalists, Balochistan Union of Journalists has always played a role in case of any problem faced by any journalist or any district press club. A clear example of this is Khuzdar Press Club. That there was a time when Khuzdar Press Club was closed, Balochistan Union of Journalists played a role in opening Khuzdar Press Club.

Abdul Jabbar Hosni, a member of the Khuzdar Press Club, says that he is a full-time journalist in his organization and not even an employee, but he has not been given membership in the Balochistan Union of Journalists. He feels that if he is given membership (which is his right), he will be able to work with more energy because then he will be sure that he has a strong union behind him in his legitimate defense. will be able to Similarly, this platform will be provided to him where he can also discuss the problems of Khuzdar journalists.

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