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Vulgarity in media having negative impacts on society

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KARAK: The participants of a discussion on the title of ‘Impacts of Pakistani Media, Positive or Negative’ held here on Tuesday at Khushal Khan Khattak University stressed on the media to play more responsible role in eradication of extremis from the society and added that the foreign culture invasion should be countered affectively.

The all faculty members and students of the University participated in the discussion with full enthusiasm and the participants added that the Pakistani society was moving towards extremism which needs to be countered through affective media role.

They claimed that today members of the same family could not sit together to watch the TV channels due to increasing vulgarity factor in the media and under lined the need of checking the current policy.

They regretted that the affects of the media on the society were negative more then the positive and added that the young generation was more vulnerable to the media negative affects.

The participants conceded the strength of the media in today world and added that no nation could exist peacefully without strong media. They added that affective media could only counter the conspiracies and negative propagandas of the hostile countries against Pakistan.

They also criticized that the channels have put themselves in the competition to break the news first while the correction of the news has become a secondary subject which was against the press code of ethics.

They stressed that credibility of news should be the priority of the media and they should present credible news before the nation.

They added that the media should play its affective role in developing consensus over all vital issues of the country to develop solidarity among the different sections of the society.

Source: The Frontier Post

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