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=> The Anjuman Tarrqai-e-Urdu (ATU) has published a f

The Anjuman Tarrqai-e-Urdu (ATU) has published a fresh edition of “Muhammad Hussain Azad’-Part-I” by Dr Aslam Farrukhi.

The book presents a detailed study of the life and literary role of a great Urdu writer and critic, Muhammad Hussain Azad.

In the West, the trend to determine literary status of poets and writers by the poets themselves or the critics was a common thing, but in East, especially in Urdu literature, the trend was not set by any poet or critic. Although the poets themselves used to talk about such status, there was nothing in black and white and the literary contribution of Azad was that he tried to determine the positions in black and white. It is obvious that the writers and critics who later saw the western literature (such as Altaf Hussain Hali and others) reviewed the positions and works, but the Azad was considered a giant owing to his first ever such effort. Aslam Farrukhi then presents a detailed study, but his study in two parts was not available for a long time, and by its republication by the ATU now has reprinted the book which according to Mumtaz Ahmed Khan, a spokesman of ATU is taken as ‘encyclopeadia’ on the views and role played by Azad in Urdu literature. Khan has also announced to get the Part-II of the same book is also being published soon.
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